Walker 1000821 Field Service Kit - (C30-C32) 12” Coalescer

Artikelnr: Walker 1000821 Field Service Kit - (C30-C32) 12” Coalescer

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Walker Engineering has recently introduced a new field service kit for CCE AIRSEPS ® factory installed on Caterpillar ® C30 and Caterpillar C32 Marine engines. These kits provide everthing you need to replace your internal oil mist filters, and are ideal for seasonal service schedules. The kits include all parts required for complete servicing of two (2) CCE AIRSEPS found on a C30 or C32 marine engine.

Kit Includes

Two (2) internal coalescer filter sets with first stage filters, Two (2) replacement o-ring sets, An air filter cleaning kit to re-condition both air filters, Walker formulated oil.


Download Walker_Service_Procedure_1000821

Download Tech_Sheet_Cat_C30

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