BOLL & KIRCH Ultrasonic cleaning machine Type 5.05

Artikelnr: BOLL & KIRCH Ultrasonic cleaning machine Type 5.05

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The best way to thoroughly clean and prolong the life of your filter elements.

Cleaning of filter elements onboard is often carried-out in an ad-hock fashion with improvised facilities, cleaning agents and tools. When heavily encrusted with oil sludge, the filter elements need extra careful handling and systematic cleaning to ensure long life service. That's where the 5.05 unit is the ideal answer to your cleaning needs. To assist with this we have developed a self-contained element cleaning solution:-

1. Highly effective removal of engrained contaminants (HFO) from filter meshes.

2. Specifically designed to deliver the correct level of US energy.

3. Internal filter element basket ensures easy insertion and retrieval.

4. Variable frequencies and acoustic modulation sweep function.

5. Thermostatic heating control and complete stainless steel construction.

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