Replacement automatic lube oil filter MV Iver Ability

Lubrafil Filtration has been approached by the ship owner to inspect on board the Boll & Kirch automatic lubricating oil filter type 6.46 of the brand Boll & Kirch. The ship's engine was being overhauled at that time in the port of Rotterdam and our customer wanted a check for any wear on the filter and repair if necessary.

The filter installation was very old, so the costs of replacing parts and overhauling the filter would be too high. In consultation with the shipping company it was therefore decided to install a completely new automatic lubricating oil filter. That has become a Boll & Kirch 6.64.07DN150. The old filter installation did not have a sludge filter. This has of course been taken into account for the new filter, at the request of the customer and on the advice of Lubrafil Filtration.

The new Boll & Kirch 6.64.07 has many advantages. Such as flushing on time and pressure difference, filter candles are blown clean with compressed air and the filter installation works completely independently due to the electric motor present. The contaminated oil goes through the sludge filter housing to the dirty oil tank and finally all flushing cycles are registered by the electrical control box.

The shipyard has dismantled the old filter and installed and connected the new installation. Lubrafil Filtration subsequently mechanically and electrically checked the 6.64.07 from Boll & Kirch and tested it for correct operation. The engine is fully protected again and the ship can continue for many years.

On the left the old 6.46 and on the right the new 6.64.07DN150 both from Boll & Kirch


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