ESD-SIC Boll & Kirch


ESD-SIC in Farmsum is one of the largest Silicon carbide factories in the world. Two Boll & Kirch automatic back-flushing filters (6.10) had already been used for some 25(!) years for the filtration of cooling water. During the preventative maintenance, Lubrafil observed that this finally needed to be replaced. Lubrafil produced a proposal (and received a contract) to deliver and install two new filters and put the system into operation. The fitting dimensions of the current model (type 6.18) unfortunately did not concur with the previous model, which meant that the surrounding stainless steel pipework also needed to be modified. The job was implemented in 3 days by 2 engineers and ran smoothly. This, of course, took place in close collaboration with ESD-SIC and the Lubrafil service engineers delivered this service to the customer’s total satisfaction. Looking forward to the next 25 years of reliable service for the Boll & Kirch filters!

System Boll & Kirch 6.18-GR250-DN300


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