Filtration, the core of your system, our care

The core of the industry focuses on companies that use machinery to manufacture products from raw materials. The demand for products changes, as do consumer requirements and wishes. This means that it is important to invest in new techniques, technologies and solutions. Lubrafil introduces the latest filter technology to the market, using the knowledge and expertise available in our national and international network.

For instance, our oil management systems and filtration technology ensure optimum cleanliness of your hydraulic or lubrication system. This is essential for operational reliability and continuity and to prevent damage to your components and systems. We also aim to reduce your business costs by using reliable filtration technologies. 

Water is used on an extremely large scale in industry and in many forms, including: untreated water, process water or wastewater. Water often needs to be treated to ensure that it satisfies the quality and specifications set for a specific industrial process. Current regulations and policy regarding the discharge of fluids means that there is a high demand for wastewater recycling and reuse solutions.

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Whether this concerns filtration products used for oil, water or gas applications, in critical or less critical applications, Lubrafil product specialists will work with you to select the right product.


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