New Utrecht sewage treatment plant will also use Boll & Kirch filters.


The Utrecht sewage treatment plant (RWZI), which cleans 75 million litres of wastewater per day, is an outdated system. Parts are worn and are ready for replacement and it won’t be long before the cleaned water no longer satisfies standards. De Stichtse Rijnlanden water board is constructing a new sewage treatment plant for the city of Utrecht. The consortium, De Stichtse Kraan, comprising Heijmans and GMB, is designing and constructing the system and will maintain it for 10 years.

Boll & Kirch filters were used in the old/existing system and these have performed excellently all these years. Luckily, the new system will also be equipped with Boll & Kirch filters. We recently delivered the filters to the site. We supplied Boll & Kirch filters type 6.19DN250 (2 items) and type 6.18DN200 (2 items), all complete with control cabinets for integration within the operating system.



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