Brief review of the SMM in Hamburg


The SMM was held in Hamburg on 4-7 September. This is the top international trade fair for the maritime industry. Lubrafil was present at the Boll & Kirch stand for three days. We can conclude that there is a clear positive movement in the maritime industry. Every day there were more visitors than there were during the previous edition. In addition, the discussions we had with many national and international clients and interested parties were far more positive.

While the ballast water theme has always been present over the past few years, this year it was far more specific. Legislation is forcing all involved parties to take action and this was clearly evident.

Boll & Kirch had an extensive display at this trade fair, which is an important event for them and for us too. The stand's concept literally placed the client in the centre of the Boll & Kirch 'universe', where with a few swipes client-specific applications and products could be linked and displayed. State-of-the-art technology consistent with Boll & Kirch's image and that we, as Lubrafil, would like to introduce the Dutch market.




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