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Walker Engineering Enterprises is an American producer that now designs and produces their own AIRSEP crankcase ventilation systems for many types of fossil fuel and gas engines. As government bodies become more engaged in reducing air pollution, the requirements that are set for fuel engines are becoming stricter.

The most harmful gases are released into the air via the exhaust, but contaminated CO and NO vapours can also escape via the engine’s crankcase. In normal engine operation, a limited amount of combustion gases and an unburned fuel-air mix leakage occurs along the piston rings to the crankcase. If these leakage gases remain in the crankcase, the engine oil would be seriously contaminated, with so-called sludge forming.

This can be countered by ventilating the crankcase with a constant stream of fresh air. In a typical system of positive crankcase ventilation, clean air is drawn from the air filter. The vacuum in the intake manifold also draws the contaminated air from the crankcase.

The contaminated products are thus drawn back into the cylinders where they are then burned. The vacuum in the intake manifold ensures that the cleaned air is pulled through the engine, thus obtaining even better ventilation.

The use of the simple and uncomplicated Airsep system has resulted in many large engine manufacturers deciding to use these “Walker” products as standard in their new engines. The fact that the Airsep system is used by the US Coast Guard, US Navy and many other NATO and government agencies is a sign of the system’s reliability.

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