SABIC is an international petrochemical company, with its European head office in Sittard and a production location in Geleen (Chemelot). As many as 1,800 people work at SABIC in the province of Limburg. The company employs more than 40,000 people worldwide and is still growing. At the production location in Geleen, SABIC produces base materials for the production of various plastics. This requires hydrocarbons from refined mineral oil. The separation of these substances to enable their further processing is known as cracking.

Client Sabic - Jacobs
Location Chemelot (Geleen)

Boll & Kirch duplex filters

Client: Sabic

Engineering: Jacobs

Location: Chemelot (Geleen)

Medium: Lubricant and Seal olie

System: Boll & Kirch Duplex filters

: 2x   BFD-100.260-DN25 PN40                     

: 2x   BFD-140.420-DN50 PN40

: 4x   BFD-180.580-DN80 PN40

: 2x   BFD-220.630-DN100 PN40

Casing: Carbon steel (GP240GH)

Filtration fineness: 10–25 microns (depending on filter (application)

Capacity: 1.44-46 m3/hr (depending on filter (application)


          : Special 3-layer coating

          : Pressure differential indicator optical/electric ATEX

New series of Boll & Kirch filters supplied to Sabic

In 2017, naphtha cracker Olefins 3 underwent major maintenance work and an additional necessary overhaul. For this purpose, the entire installation had to be shut down, except for the gas flare. This had never happened before.

Boll & Kirch BFD filters

A total of ten Boll&Kirch duplex filters of the Boll Filter Double type, supplied by Lubrafil, were installed during this turnaround.

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