Megacutter project Boskalis - IHC

In mid-April 2017, Royal Boskalis WestMinster N.V. (Boskalis) ordered a new self-propelled megacutter from IHC Merwede (IHC). The order was for a sister vessel of the 'Helios', which is already in service.

To ensure the dependability/operational reliability of these new vessels, they have a significant quantity of Boll & Kirch Lube Oil and Fuel Filters, supplied by Lubrafil, on board for their primary and auxiliary systems.

Client Boskalis
Location Sister vessel of the "Helios"

Boll & Kirch Automatisch filter

Bollfilter 6.72.1

Boll & Kirch Duplex filters

Bollfilter 2.04.5

Boll & Kirch Simplex filters:

Bollfilter 1.03.2  

Bollfilter 1.12.2

Boll & Kirch ultrasoon reinigings unit

Sister vessel of the "Helios" equipped with Boll & Kirch Filters

In total, each vessel has 3 automatic filters and approximately 30 Simplex and Duplex Filters. In addition, each vessel is equipped with a Boll & Kirch ultrasonic cleaning unit. 

This unit will be used to ultrasonically clean the wire gauze filter elements installed in the above-referenced filters. This cleaning is highly effective and furthermore saves a great deal on time and costs, because the process can be performed aboard ship.

The choice of cleanable wire gauze elements is considerably more environmentally friendly than the disposable elements and of course this is also consistent with the sustainable strategy policy pursued by Boskalis.