EPZ Borssele

EPZ is the largest electricity producer in the province of Zeeland. As well as operating the Netherland’s only nuclear power plant, it operates a coal-fired plant with a biomass co-firing system and a wind farm. Lubrafil has been a supplier to EPZ since 2001.

Client EPZ
Location Borssele

Boll & Kirch automatisch filter
Medium: Seawater
Type: 6.18DN50 en 6.04

Lubrafil, Boll & Kirch and Swan, the optimum combination of analyser and filter

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EPZ extracts seawater at the Borssele site, which is used as cooling water. Chlorine is added to the seawater to combat bacteria growth and accumulation of, among other things, the common mussel, as such accumulation reduces the flow of the cooler. Chlorination is a critical process that must remain within statutory norms.

After passing through a filter, chlorine levels are measured using so-called analysers. EPZ initially had a Y-type filter and a specific brand of analyser. This combination resulted in many analyser and filter blockages.

Boll & Kirch automatic filter

The old analysers were replaced with Swan analysers and the Y-type filters with a Boll & Kirch type 6.18 with seawater-proof rubber coating. We used filter cartridges with a special FouleX coating. FouleX is a special silvery coating applied to the filter cartridges to prevent micro-organism growth. The result is that the filters no longer need to be opened during the season and only require annual preventative maintenance.

For lower capacities, Lubrafil modified the Boll & Kirch filter type 6.04 with a seawater-proof coating especially for this application. Regarding capacity and built-in dimensions, type 6.04 is an excellent match for the module in which the analysers are also installed.

EPZ was pleased with the positive solution and good partnership and has expanded the system with a second set.


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