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The innovative ultra-filtration oil cleaning system from Swedish brand Europafilter originated from the fishing sector. The design came about following problems with hydraulic oil quality and particularly the consequences of this oil’s “poor” quality, which included not only poor fish catches and subsequent financial loss, but also a significant impact on the environment.

This patented oil cleaning filtration technology was further developed into a unique oil cleaning system that can be used widely in shipping as well as industry. (It was the “productivity and maintenance award” winner in Sweden in 2004). Even in the oil and gas market, where processes are extremely critical, a Europafilter system delivers rapid financial, service life and environmental returns.

Europafilter produces everything in Sweden and uses a dedicated, relatively small dealer network to serve the world with knowledge and systems. Lubrafil saw the options in the Dutch market in certain market segment niches in which we were already active, and entered a sustainable partnership with Europafilter in 2015, obtaining the dealership for the Dutch market.

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The organisation has now expanded to become an experienced and professional organisation with a portfolio of satisfied customers across the world. Organisations including Statoil, Maersk Stenna Drilling, ABB, SKF, Volvo, Exxon, E.ON, Scania and many others are among the satisfied international users of Europafilter systems.

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