Tata Oxy Steel plant, servicing of Boll & Kirch filter 6.18DN500GR700

Cooling water is an important part of the steel production process. And this cooling water is often heavily contaminated with particles. This is also the case at the Oxy Steel plant. Four large Boll & Kirch filters are used to filter this cooling water. Regular preventive maintenance during a one-day shutdown ensures that these filters are always operational. The 7-BOLL-2, as Tata calls this filter, was recently due for a service. We exchanged the filter cartridges and checked the most important wear parts. The seals were also replaced. The filter involved here was a Boll & Kirch type 6.18DN500 GR700; a large filter that three service engineers were able to service during a one-day shutdown.  The filter has been operational for over 10 years but, partly due to the annual maintenance we carry out and the filter cartridge ultrasonic cleaning, the filter continues to function reliably.

Our service engineers check and maintain the filter and consult with the customer in advance regarding what is needed to carry out the job in the best and safest way possible.
A satisfied customer, a filter that works well and our engineers safely back home. That’s what makes us happy!



System Boll & Kirch 6.18 DN500 GR700