ESD-SIC Europafilter


ESD-SIC in Farmsum is one of the largest Silicon carbide factories in the world. The steam turbine that was in operation had problems with scale (varnish/sludge) within the installation. This was causing problems and needed to be removed during servicing; a difficult, time-consuming and costly task. Lubrafil produced a proposal for delivery of a Europafilter oil cleaning system, partly based on an oil analysis and extensive information. This system is provided with elements that clean the oil to sub-micron level (0.1 micron) and simultaneously extract water. Sub-micron filtration is required to address varnish problems, particularly as contamination <1 micron was the particular cause of this scale formation. Lubrafil determined, delivered and installed the correct system in close consultation with the customer. Monitoring has shown that there is a reduction in contamination and moisture in the oil and that the oil continues to be of high quality.

Old System Siemens Shell Turbo CC46


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