Boll&Kirch process water filters for new construction project Sewage Treatment Plant Utrecht

The Heijmans Infra B.V. and GMB Civiel B.V. consortium is currently building a new wastewater treatment plant for the city of Utrecht. The consortium also provided the design and is responsible for management and maintenance at the plant for a period of 10 years.

Boll&Kirch filters had been operational at the former Utrecht treatment plant for many years. Lubrafil Filtration will also be making an important contribution to the new Utrecht treatment plant. Four Boll&Kirch process water filters have been operational in the pump room of this new process water building for some time, each one capable of filtering 320 m3/hr. Two self-cleaning coarse filters are used in a 1+1 configuration to protect the process water system’s process water pumps. Two self-cleaning fine filters are used in a 1+1 configuration on the discharge side of the pumps. Pressurised filtered water from the fine filters is used to clean the coarse filters, making the entire process water filter system fully self-cleaning. The filter cartridges in the filters are fitted with a special FouleX coating to counter the accumulation of micro-organisms. The coarse filter is also fitted with special horizontal cartridges for optimum back-flushing. The entire system is supplied as a package unit in which customer-specific (remote) monitoring and control requirements are also provided by Lubrafil Filtration.

Lubrafil Filtration is responsible for preventive maintenance of all process water filters on the wastewater plants of De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board. Lubrafil Filtration will also take care of the preventive maintenance of these new Boll&Kirch filters during the consortium’s 10-year management period.


  • 2x Boll&Kirch filters 6.19-DN250 (coarse filter in the suction side of the pumps)
  • 2x Boll&Kirch filters 6.18-DN200 (fine filter in the discharge side of the pumps)


System Boll&Kirch filter 6.19 DN250
System Boll&Kirch filter 6.18 DN200


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